Introduction to the School of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Mathematics and Statistics at Chongqing Jiaotong University originated from the Fundamental Department of Chongqing Jiaotong University. In July 2006, it was renamed as the College of Science and later. In May 2015, it was further renamed as the School of Mathematics and Statistics. The school offers a master's degree program in Systems Science, and three undergraduate programs: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, and Applied Statistics. It also serves as the Talent Cultivation Demonstration Base for Basic Disciplines in Chongqing, known as the Mathematics Elite Training Base. The Systems Science program is a key discipline in Chongqing's "14th Five-Year Plan." The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics program has been selected as a national-level first-class undergraduate program, and the Applied Statistics program has been selected as a first-class undergraduate program project in Chongqing.

The school has been implementing the "Talent-Driven Development" strategy and has established a high-level team for teaching, research, and management. Currently, the school has 75 faculty members, including 17 professors, 24 associate professors, and 50 teachers with doctoral degrees. There are 3 doctoral supervisors and 46 master's supervisors. The faculty includes 1 National Distinguished Teacher for Ideological and Political Education, 1 Chongqing Talents Program Distinguished Teacher, 1 Academic and Technical Leader in Chongqing, 4 Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers in Chongqing, 7 teachers and 2 teams recognized as Chongqing's Ideological and Political Education Distinguished Teachers, 3 Bayu Scholars (including Young Scholars), 1 recipient of the Chongqing Higher Education Young Backbone Teacher Support Program, 8 reviewers for Mathematical Reviews, 1 selected in the Elsevier's (Mathematical Reviews) list of China's Highly Cited Scholars from 2014 to 2022, and 1 recognized as a "Highly Cited Scientist" by Clarivate Analytics in 2022.

The school has achieved significant accomplishments in scientific research and education. In the past five years, the faculty has led 14 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and more than 50 provincial and ministerial-level projects, with a total funding of over 8.9 million RMB. The school has won 1 first-class prize and 4 third-class prizes in the Chongqing Natural Science Award, 1 second-class prize in the Ministry of Education's Science and Technology Progress Award, and 5 awards for excellent academic papers from provincial scientific and technological associations. Additionally, over 200 high-level academic papers have been published. The school has successfully applied for more than 30 undergraduate teaching engineering projects at various levels. The course "Linear Algebra" has been selected as a national exemplar for ideological and political education, and the courses "Mathematical Modeling," "Advanced Mathematics," and "Linear Algebra" have been recognized as first-class courses in Chongqing. Over 50 research papers on teaching have been published, and the school has won one second prize in the National Young Teachers' Teaching Competition.

The school has steadily improved the quality of talent cultivation. In the past five years, our students have led more than 70 provincial, ministerial, and university-level research projects. They have won nearly 517 awards in various discipline competitions, including 5 national first-class awards and 33 second-class awards, as well as 484 provincial and ministerial awards. Moreover, over 80 high-level academic papers have been published. The annual employment rate of our graduates exceeds 90%, and the percentage of undergraduate students pursuing further studies remains above 25%.

In the face of the opportunities and challenges in the new normal, the school takes discipline construction as the core, teaching as the focus, and strengthens the construction of the faculty team to improve the quality of talent cultivation. After years of development and construction, School of Mathematics and Statistics has become a talent cultivation base with distinctive features and certain influence both within the city and nationwide.



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